Frequently Asked Questions

We are so glad you are considering enrolling your child and in the 2018 SOA Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad and Cyber Olympiad.   In case you don’t find answers to your questions among the most frequently asked questions below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why should my child participate in SOA?

By participating in the SOA Olympiads, children have the opportunity to compete not only in Math, but also in Science and Cyber (Computer & Technology) Olympiad.  More importantly, comprehensive assessment reports are designed to provide valuable feedback to both student and parents.   Furthermore, by participating every year, children can visualize their progress and continue to improve.

There are many reasons why your child should participate. Here are a few key benefits:

  • It’s important to encourage your child to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. It builds
    confidence and character, and opens them up to new experiences.
  • Olympiads are a great setting to learn in. Unlike Standardized testing, failure does not bear any severe consequences and a student can measure their knowledge in the subject against others in a safe environment.
  • Healthy competition develops enthusiasm for STEM subjects at an early age.
  • Analytical nature of the Olympiads deepens the child’s understanding of foundational Math, Science & Computer Concepts.
  • Child is introduced to material and concepts they may not otherwise experience.
  • Assessment reports provide confidential competitive analysis to gauge the child’s performance and identify any potential gaps.
  • Awards and Recognition boost Moral & Confidence in a Child.

All participants receive a participation certificate.  Top 1% of the students in each grade will receive special recognition on our leaders board.

Who can participate in the Olympiads?

For the year 2018, SOA Olympiads are open to children in Grades 3-8.   Children can participate at their own grade level or at one grade above their current grade level.  A child cannot participate at a grade level that’s below their current grade.
SOA Olympiads are at an individual level and available to every student, not only students who belong to a Math and/or Science team or club.

Is it mandatory to enroll our child in all three Olympiads?

Although we encourage enrollment in all three Olympiads, it’s not mandatory for your child to be enrolled for all three Olympiads.  You can pick and choose one or more Olympiads to participate.

When and Where will the 2018 Olympiads be held?

For 2018, SOA Olympiads will be held in GA ONLY and are scheduled for Feb 24th 2018.  For a list of current testing centers, please check our registration form.  We are constantly adding new testing centers, and in fact invite schools and private institutes to host the SOA Olympiads.  Please plan on arriving to your testing center at least 30 min before the Olympiad.

SOA Math OlympiadFeb 24th 2018 - 9:30am EST45 minChildren Participating in Science Olympiad will have a break for 15 minutes prior to starting Science Olympiad. Children not participating in Science Olympiad and Cyber Olympiad can leave after the Math Olympiad.
SOA Science OlympiadFeb 24th 2018 - 10:30am EST45 minChildren Participating in Cyber Olympiad will
have a break for 15 minutes prior to starting
Cyber Olympiad. Children not participating in
Cyber Olympiad can leave after the Science Olympiad
SOA Cyber OlympiadFeb 24th 2018 - 11:30am EST45 minChildren participating only in Cyber Olympiad should plan on arriving to their Testing Center 20 min before the Olympiad

Is there a fee to participate in Olympiad?

There is a registration fee of $35 for each Olympiad – Math, Science & Cyber.   To clarify, if your child is participating in all Math, Science & Cyber, the total registration fee will be $105.

There is an Early Bird discount through Midnight on Dec 30th 2017.  Under this offer, the registration fee is discounted to $30 for each Olympiad.

Can we get a refund if my child is unable to participate in the Olympiad?

Registration fee is non-refundable.   Should your child be unable to participate in the Olympiad, you can contact customer service.  After the Olympiad Date a copy of the test will be emailed to you along with a bubble sheet and the answer key.   We encourage you to have your child attempt the test under your supervision so they can benefit from the experience and be better prepared for the next Olympiad.

Is the SOA Olympiad computerized or is it on Pencil & Paper?

SOA Olympiads are conducted on Pencil and Paper.    Children will be marking their answers on bubble sheets and will be able to carry the test papers home with them to review with their family.

What’s the Curriculum?

Kindly visit each of the Individual Math, Science & Cyber Olympiad pages to review the curriculum and the pattern of the test.

Are any Sample Questions Available?

Kindly visit each of the Individual MathScience Cyber Olympiad pages to review the Sample Questions, Curriculum and pattern of the test.

When will the results of the Olympiad be declared?

Results of the Olympiad are expected to be declared by March 24th 2018.   Please save your enrollment numbers to lookup your results on the website.  Registered students will be informed via email when the Results become available.