Concerned about Screen Time?

Concerned about Screen Time?

Here’s How to Guide your Child!

What would our lives be without technology?

Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Both technology and interactive media defines the present world. They have peculiarities of their own but they affect our daily lives in many ways. They have totally changed the generation rapidly and it’s safe to say, we became completely dependent on them.

Technology has become a part and parcel of our lives, no doubt. However, in pursuit of its speed and comfort it also encourages our young generation to become sedentary that has a profound impact on the way they think, feel, and socialize with others. High levels of computer and social media use in both children and adults have significant impact on emotional and mental well-being. But screens are everywhere. With technology being highly available, controlling screen time becomes truly challenging for parents.

Before ditching technology around your kids, let us dig deeper on how technology impacts your child’s development. By knowing its advantages and disadvantages you can be able to make informed decisions whether computers, tablets and smartphones are safe for your kids when used as educational and entertainment tools. These will also help parents understand and recognize the ubiquitous role of technology and media in children’s lives.

Children can benefit from active screen by learning and improving language skills. Most language development media provides multi-sensory engagement with eBooks, stories, picture dictionary and flashcards. Parents can easily access and provide children these resources to teach their children about new words and meanings of unfamiliar words. The advent of technology promotes early education to help children obtain the necessary skills to prepare for school. Learning and gaming applications equip your child to gain high capacity of visual attention, dynamic spatial skills and increased motivation that creates a foundation for your child to overcome challenges.

Now, let’s take a look at the negative impacts of interactive media and technology to children. As opposed to playing and going outside, technology encourages children to become sedentary. This means, when children are exposed to technology, they don’t get enough physical activities and exercise necessary to maintain a healthy physique. Moreover, poor quality control and screen time are often linked to irregular sleep schedules, loss of social skills in real life, obesity and even behavioral problems.

Technology may pose tons of negative impacts to children but we should also recognize that the use of technology in education provides plenty of positive opportunities for children’s development. So instead of prohibiting technology completely, the American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP released policy resources and recommendations to help parents create and maintain a balanced-usage of interactive media. When families take advantage the use of technology in education, AAP encourages parents to develop screen time rules by teaching core values at home, playing with their children and using of quality media platform on designated screen time schedules.

So how can you effectively manage your child’s screen time?

The answer is simple. Be a role model to your children. Show them that it’s okay to take advantage the use of technology in education but you should save your Netflix sessions when it’s time for bed or outdoor activities. Help them maintain a balance between the real and virtual worlds by setting a good example!

What do you think about role of technology in education today and/or how to better manage your child’s screen time?  Share your thoughts by posting in the Comments below.

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