About SOA

Encouraging STEM Education.

No surprise, but we too are very proud of our 12 and 7 year old children and are amazed everyday to see them grow and learn. Without doubt, we want to see them succeed in everything they do. Then we hear headlines that “US Children rank middle of the pack in Math and Science” and that gives us pause.


Not sure about you, but such statistics always raise questions if they are somehow skewed. If they are in fact as they claim to be, what can we be doing differently to change that?


STEM Education in the US, and all across the world, is destined to remain critical in this global economy for the foreseeable future. Besides rigorous education and direction in STEM, qualitative and quantitative assessment on a regular basis is necessary, both at a national and international level to encourage and grow our creative talent pool and maintain our position in this world.

Stem Olympiads of America (SOA) is dedicated to encouraging & supporting STEM education in our Elementary and Middle Schools through Intellectually Stimulating Competition with valuable insight and feedback for both parents and academicians. Besides just Math, SOA will also be conducting a Science and Cyber (Computer & Technology) Olympiads.


Check out the sample assessment reports you can expect to see for the 2018 SOA Olympiads.


Goals of SOA include:

  • Developing enthusiasm for STEM subjects at an early age.
  • Deepening understanding of foundational Math, Science & Computer Concepts.
  • Introducing material and concepts students may not otherwise experience.
  • Overcoming fear of assessment and prepare for advanced future studies.


We are working hard to partner with other like minded companies both nationally and internationally to provide real constructive feedback on how an individual child fairs in Math and Science in comparison to others in the same age group across the world.


We thank you for visiting us and are counting on your support!


And don’t forget to grab FREE Math, Science & Cyber Olympiad sample questions from the sidebar which are in addition to the ones on each individual page!