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SOA’s Mission is to Strengthen & Support Math, Science & Computer Education among Elementary and Middle School Students through Intellectually Stimulating Math, Science, and Cyber Olympiads.

Math Olympiad

Challenge your child’s problem solving abilities with SOA Math Olympiad.  It is open to students in grades 3 to 8.   Visit the Math Olympiad page to review Curriculum and download Sample Questions.

Science Olympiad

SOA Science Olympiad is designed to encourage students in grades 3-8 expand their horizons and consider material they may not otherwise experience.  Click here to be notified about the Upcoming Olympiad.

Cyber Olympiad

Students in Grades 3 to 8 will challenge their technology and critical thinking skills in SOA Cyber Olympiad.   Visit Cyber Olympiad page to review Curriculum and download Sample Questions.

Registration for the Feb 24th 2018 Olympiads is now Closed!  Join the Mailing List to be notified about Upcoming Olympiads

Registration for the Upcoming Feb 24th 2018 Olympiads is now closed.


Parents of Students enrolled for the Feb 24th Olympiad are strongly recommended to review “What To Expect” on Feb 24th 2018 at your Testing Center.

SOA Testing Locations for Feb 24th 2018 Olympiads

Students can participate for Math, Science & Cyber Olympiads at Brookwood Elementary, Cumming, GA; A Grade Ahead, Smyrna, GA; and A Grade Ahead, Grayson, GA. There was a lot of interest from other Schools and Learning Centers across the country and SOA hopes to work with you in the Upcoming Years.

Partner with Us.

We invite Parents, Schools, Private Learning Centers, and Corporations to support STEM Learning by partnering with us.   Making the Olympiad accessible to as many children as we hope to reach can only be accomplished with your support:


  • Parents can help with activities during the tests like Invigilation.
  • Schools, PTO/PTA, Private Institutes, and Churches can choose to host the Olympiad
  • Corporations can choose to be a corporate partner and support STEM Learning


Please review the Partnership Page for more details.